Advice for Parents as Their Schools Move to Teaching Online

This works.  Millions of students who live in China and experienced the first COVID outbreak are all enrolled in school online. In fact, it is now a government mandate that schools provide online courses for students. These students have been doing this for months, with many quarantined in their homes for that amount of time, and they are studying and learning. The transition won’t be seamless, but it works.

Support your student and your school. Online education is less familiar to Americans and your support, monitoring, and encouragement will be needed to make it work. Your school is also taking on a massive new initiative under difficult circumstances. Please be supportive of your school’s efforts.

Assess your needs. What technology do you have in your home that your student can use? What technology can you afford to buy? Unless you really need it, please avoid asking the school for everything, as they have limited resources and need to help those most in need.

Provide structure to your student’s day. Schools are highly structured environments and that structure will now be removed from your student’s day. You now need to provide that structure from 8am-3pm  every day in order for your child to grow.

Train your child. If you have more technology than your child, train your child. The more you can help your child the more the school can focus on providing instruction and what other less fortunate students need.

Divide your home. If you have multiple students living in your home and they will receive instruction at the same time, place them in different rooms so that they can learn without volume distraction from other courses.

Minimize class disruptions. Please try to minimize class disruption caused by younger siblings and pets.