Advice for Students as Their Schools Move to Teaching Online

This is mostly on you. Education is an opportunity. Schools work hard to push you to learn through elaborate daily accountability structures and a complex system of rewards and punishments. The reality is that while some of this will be retained in this new environment, all of it will not and it will be up to you to take advantage of the incredible learning opportunities that your school and the internet provide for you.  Your choices are your own but have long-term consequences.

Familiarize yourself with technology. The systems schools will use to teach you are very simple to use and can be utilized with any internet connection and computer that has a web browser. No software installation is needed.

Support your teachers. Remember that teachers are people and have many of the same concerns that you do. Please support them as they support you.

Prepare for a different learning style. Teachers have been taught to teach you by developing very active classroom environments. These environments will not be possible in this online world, so please do your best to adapt to the new teaching style by more actively listening and do your best to avoid any classroom disruptions.

It works.  There will be challenges, but administrators should understand this is possible. The transition in China was easier than it will be in the US  for many different reasons, but students in China have been learning online for months.

Keep your camera on! It will be tempting to turn you camera off for many different reasons, but your teacher cannot teach you effectively if you don’t keep the camera on.