Classrooms.Cloud provides the perfect combination for your online live event of custom user experience, easy administration and management, and advanced security features which work together to make your online event or program a success. 

Custom User Experience

We can custom create your “virtual building” to ensure that whatever branding and feature needs your organization has are met:

  • Custom Domain
  • Your Colors, Fonts, and Logo
  • Custom Links, Text and Images on the Pages
  • Custom Wing and Room Naming System
  • Custom Documentation, Training and Walkthrough Videos
  • Additional Features as Needed (Calculators, Timers, School Bells, Support Ticket Forms, etc)

Our infrastructure help makes your job as an event organizer, whether you’re the principal of a school or an event planner for a conference:

  • No Countless Links and Passwords to Remember and Distribute
  • No Setup of Video Platforms or Creating Multiple Accounts on Different Sites
  • Use Your Current Building/Room Naming System for Your Scheduling and Planning Workflow
  •  Get Priority Support From Our Team To Make Sure Every Aspect of Your Event is According To Yours and Your Clients Needs
  • No Extra Training Is Needed For Your Participants or Your Team For A Seamless Experience

Easy Administration

Advanced Security

We provide peace of mind by making use of all advanced security features available for online conferencing:

  • All Enterprise-Level Security Features From Zoom And Proactive Consulting On Best Usage
  • Usernames/Passwords, Passcodes or Other Combinations of Security by Building, Wing, or Room
  • Monitoring and Tracking of Any Unexpected Usage Using Multiple Forms of Data
  •  On-Call Security Team to Ensure Any Problems are Solved Immediately Using Advanced Blocking and Intervention