Join DebateUS! and Pedagogy.Cloud on January 18, 2023 from 7:30pm-9pm ET for our free webinar on:

Generative AI and Chat GPT: The Short and Long-Term Impacts on Education Adaptations for Instruction and Assessment

Do you know that many K-12 teachers and university professors are giving students assignments that require them to use ChatGPT?

Join a range of education leaders and experts on January 18th at 7:30pm for 90 minutes to discuss the future of education in the context of exploding growth and interest in Artificial Intelligence.

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Priten Shah

Priten H Shah, M. ED and B.A, Harvard, is the CEO of Pedagogy.Cloud, an education consulting company providing educational organizations with a full-suite of services including innovative technology solutions.

Pedagogy.Cloud has worked with over 200 different educational organizations to adapt and innovate during major world events including the Covid-19 Pandemic. He and his team are currently focused on helping educational organizations adapt to the ever growing capabilities of AI, focusing on OpenAI integrations.

Through PC, Priten serves as CTO/CFO for Thinker Analytix, a Harvard partnered nonprofit that is leading the effort to create research-based tools for educators to teach reasoning skills.

Priten is also the founder of United 4 Social Change, a civics education nonprofit that focuses on helping teachers integrate interdisciplinary education into their curricula through animated videos, lesson plans, and innovative classroom activities.

Stefan Bauschard

Stefan Bauschard is a life long debate coach who has focused on adaptations and innovations in the speech debate space, including supporting tournaments that

moved thousands of debaters online in the spring of 2020, developed an online speech & debate program that provided more than 10,000 hours of instruction, a curriculum website that supports more than 15,000 students and coaches and the adapted development of debate to programs in more than 8 countries.

He has recently started working on the development of speech & debate competition in virtual reality and related training with AI-supported bots.

He credits debate with teaching him to learn how to learn, and is the author of the continually updated, The Case for Embracing ChatGPT As A Core Component of Assisted and Iterative Education.

He’s especially interested in how the concepts in academic debating can be utilized by teachers to support the development of assignments that demonstrate human agency in the completion of the assignment in a world where writing a 5 paragraph essay is no longer a meaningful assessment.


  • Understanding Generative AI
  • How ChatGPT Works
  • Similar OpenSource Apps
  • How Generative GAI will Change Work and Society
  • Existing K-University Disruptions
  • Commercial Educational Generative AI Apps
  • Future Disruptions
  • Critical Thinking
  • College and Career Readiness
  • Individualized Instruction
  • Purposeful Education
  • For Teachers
  • For Students
  • Special Education
  • Alternative Education
  • Elementary Education
  • The College Classroom
  • Immediate Adaptations
  • Long-terms Adaptions
  • Education in a Generative AI World: Building Actual 21st Century Skills Administrative Level Challenges
  • Professional Development for All Educators
  • Ethical Considerations
  • Concluding Thought


Char Shyrock

Former Superintendent

Founder, Educational Leadership Consulting LLC and former Superintendent

Sarah Dillard


Founder & CEO at Kaleidoscope

Dr. Kyla Griffin

Alternative School Principal

Alternative Education Principal, Rialto Unified School District

Bonnie Nieves

Science Teacher & Professional Learning Provider

Teacher and Founder, Educate on Purpose

Dr. Katie Kirby


Principal, Robert Waters Elementary School

Kelsey Nowell

Ai Engingeer

Senior Machine Learning Engineer @ Walmart Global Tech

Dr. Susan Johnson

Education Department Chair

Director of Undergraduate Education, Mercyhurst University

Amy Bauschard

Faculty, Early Childhood Education

Program Director, Mercyhurst Early Learning Innovation Academy

Joe Carver

HS Chief Innovation Officer

Chief Innovation Officer, The Meadows School

Dr. Anand Rao

Communications Department ChaIr

Chair of the Department of Communication and Digital Studies at University of Mary Washington


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